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14. Vegetables sliced in IQF.


We seek new solutions or ways of consuming vegetables focused on consumers who are increasingly looking for more healthy, rich and easy-to-prepare solutions.

We want to explore the territory of a vegetable-based product (main ingredient) that can also have cheeses and other ingredients from the healthy environment. The most disruptive part of this innovation is that we want to offer this product in IQF sliced ​​vegetables, which is reconstituted on a slice of bread in the microwave / oven.

We want to explore a technology that allows us to make sliced ​​vegetables and other ingredients (such as sliced ​​cheese “tranchetes”), which will be frozen while cooked and reconstituted in the microwave oven.

Possible approaches

We are looking for this approach fundamentally a product that can offer innovative, fast and healthy solutions to the final consumer, where it is important that it is easy to reconstitute in the oven / microwave, the easy preparation

Solutions not of interest

We are not looking for vegan sausages based on vegetables, but a solution more similar to cheese slices.