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15. Salt reduction in cheese.


We are looking for new ingredients with a high capacity to provide intense salty taste experiences without altering the classic perception of sodium chloride.

The objective is multiple: reduction of the quantities without renouncing the function as a condiment or loss of the preservative function.

Possible approaches

Salt presentation formats that improve the health effects of the reduction of salt and facilitate its dispersion in the mouth and the function on the perception of the salty taste and of all the characteristics of value of the same: effect on the rest of components (water, fat, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) maturation, texture, rheology and safety.

Flavor enhancers and use of salts extracted from whey.

Commercially admissible costs without altering the conditions of Denominations of Origin.

Solutions not of interest

Solutions that modify the flavor given to the cheese towards that of potassium salts (usually chloride).

Alternatives that bring out bitter flavors or other undesirable attributes.

Use of mineral salts that replace NaCl, large crystals (salt flakes), sea salt (which also contains potassium and magnesium salts) or other conventional salty additives.

Ingredients or technologies that require a specific application to EFSA.

Ingredients with out-of-market costs.

Solutions that affect the conditions of the Denominations of Origin.