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19. Development of new digital channels for the marketing of products and services for B2C and B2B clients (retail, hospitality, end consumer)


Improve the customer experience – B2C customer focus – transformation from an industrial focus towards a market focus with a 360º vision of the end customer.

1) Identification of new digital sales channels and of customer relations – from manufacturer to B2C distributor.

  • ecommerce: personalisation of the user experience (predictive analysis for future shopping behaviours, abandoned carts, personalised digital experience, etc.)
  • marketplace specialists: new eco vertical marketplaces / European markets (UK, Holland, France)
  • price monitoring tools (dynamic prices)

2) Development of online nutrition services (via app / website)

3) Retailer orientation – identification of blockchain projects to improve the traceability of products.

Possible approaches

Customer guidelines:

  • Personalised nutritional APP (by way of example, through machine learning (photos at the refrigerator/dispenser/supermarket shelving) which mix of product is optimum for each person at each moment, or through a photo on a restaurant menu, choose the best option based on personalised parameters).
  • marketplace.
  • lot/app solutions for Hospitality channel.
  • “last mile” shared distribution solutions.
  • B2B and B2C solutions.
  • Shared transport and storage.
  • Multi-product and multi-size.
  • Focussed on cities.
  • It should enable traceability solutions.

Retail guidelines:

  • Solutions in digital formats or displays that show relevant information at the point of sale, through consumers’ electronic devices (smartphone, tablets, wifi, etc.) to propose personalised suggestions adapted to their needs.
  • Smart trolleys.
  • Programmes of personal recommendations according to the information received from the customer.

Focus: IoT, machine learning, augmented reality, app, ecommerce, marketplace, automated marketing.