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20. Development of ingredients, technologies and channels for the development of new products/services in the scope of PERSONALISED FOOD


At the Tech Transfer Agrifood Fund we are looking for the development of products/technologies/channels to offer personalised foods (one to one). Unlike functional food that we focus towards a group of people or market segment, here we are carrying out a micro-segmentation so that, based on genetics analysis and other behavioural or nutritional variables, we can help people to develop healthy food habits adapted to the specific needs of each individual.

Possible approaches

  • Off/ _online_ nutrition service and personalised plans.
  • Solutions that combine genetic and nutritional information.
  • The solution should be personalised for “targets” that require special nutritional needs (athletes, seniors, millennials, etc.) and orientated towards the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases, Alzheimer’s or to improve fertility, health, etc.

Drinkable formats will be valued.