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22. Identification of biomarkers associated with the healthy consumption of smoked salmon


At the Tech Transfer Agrifood Fund, we want to approach the concept of functional/healthy food associated with the consumption of smoked salmon.

With this challenge we are seeking to identify (quantified) biomarkers based on (pre) clinical evidence that shows additional healthy benefits of eating smoked salmon.

The benefits of eating fish as a very important source of omega-3,5 and 6 fatty acids are already known, they help to control blood pressure, they improve the heart function and reduce the impact of other cardiovascular risk factors, reducing the risk of heart attacks, depression and senile dementia. Additionally, it provides vitamins A and D, and an appropriate balance of the different nutrients.

Possible approaches

As the initial phase of a subsequent trial, scientific evidence (biochemical, molecular markers, etc.) and/or clinical evidence is required that shows an additional beneficial effect for health associated with consuming smoked salmon.

Solutions not of interest

Already published solutions or knowledge are required.