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26. Improve the experience of the consumer through the use of smart packaging/labelling


At the Tech Transfer Agrifood Fund, we are looking for the best shopping or consumption experience through smart packaging which enables relevant contents to be provided applying new technologies.

Possible approaches

The solution should allow the consumer to interact at the point of sale with the supply chain, generating a consumer experience and systems of  traceability and smart labelling.

Solutions focussed on labelling should take into account:

  • Preferably printed.
  • The price per packaging bearing in mind that it is a plastic bag.
  • The traceability per batch

The following approaches will be valued positively:

  • Attractive aesthetic.
  • Technological viability with the packaging manufacturer.
  • Easy interaction with the end consumer.
  • On-the-go consumption.
  • A focus on sustainability-reuse will be valued.
  • Improve the consumption experience based on smart packaging where using voice technologies, social networks, augmented reality…. relevant content and consumption recommendations are offered.