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28. Identification of ingredients and biomarkers (genetic, Mediterranean diet, etc…)


At the Tech Transfer Agrifood Fund, we are seeking innovation through the identification of natural extracts with healthy and clinically tested functional capacities:

Olives are a source of many natural extracts and ingredients. Through the usual processes (pressing, absorption, maceration, distillation), extracts or essences are obtained that are used in other sectors (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, etc.)

The objective is to improve the extraction processes, identifying healthy functional capacities.

Possible approaches

Search for ingredients and biomarkers (genetic, Mediterranean diet) for the prevention of neurodegenerative/ageing diseases and cardiovascular prevention.

It is essential to demonstrate that the functional ingredients added have scientific evidence.

Solutions not of interest

Identification of ingredients and biomarkers (genetic, Mediterranean diet, etc …) for the prevention of neurodegenerative pathologies.