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33. Precision in the automation of the process of cutting pork meats


At the Tech Transfer Agrifood Food, we are seeking embeddable technologies to automation solutions that are already present in the cutting room. This solution should add precision in the cutting done by the cutting arm in the meat industry through, for example, prior characterisation/identification of the hard (bones) and soft parts.

Focus: “Industry 4.0”, “meat”, “automation of the cutting room”.

Possible approaches

Artificial vision systems, scanner or other technologies that facilitate the necessary information about the channel and/or piece of meat to handle (position, sizing, differentiation of hard and soft substances, identification of the bone).

Solutions that can be embedded in a continuous process of i) inspection of the product (pieces) ii) automation of the cutting.

Solutions not of interest

Solutions that are not compatible with the current legislation (BRC, IFS, etc.)