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40. Monitoring and control of loaded/unloaded pallets on lorries


At the Tech Transfer Agrifood Fund we are seeking innovation in solutions for the tracking and detection of pallets that enter a lorry, identifying the references and tracking when they are loaded and unloaded, obtaining data from the loaded pallets.

Focus: Secure loading

Possible approaches

It is necessary to manage systems of Location in Real Time (e.g. RFID) with technology that enables the identification of tracking of loaded/unloaded packages. The system should be capable of identifying the address and control of the pallet, using vision systems, AI,… capable of reading the pallet labels in conditions of low visibility (under a transparent film or frost or fog).

The following are valued:

  • Interaction between different current and future  GIS GPS, WLAN, RFID, etc. tracking technologies.
  • Arch scanner or similar that will automatically confirm what is being loaded when the goods are scanned and will compare the EAN of the pallet against the EAN of the boxes on the pallet.
  • Low cost.
  • Low cost of communication.