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48. Meat analogs obtained by texturing without extrusion.


The world consumption of meat has continued to increase in recent years linked to the growing world population and higher consumption per person. Until now, the protein source par excellence had been animal meat, but in the current context, many companies are looking for alternatives with which to cover this increase in demand using other alternative sources. This situation is giving way to an increase in demand from consumers and an interest on the part of the food industry in the research and development of new products made from proteins of plant origin. Until now, extrusion texturing is the most widely used technology used to transform plant-based materials into fibrous products, however, it has its difficulties due to the very chemical structure of proteins. That is why at Tech Transfer Agrifood we look for meat analogs developed by alternative technologies to wet extrusion, but that at the same time maintain the fibrous texture obtained by this technology. The objective of the challenge is to explore and identify other available technologies that are profitable and that allow to obtain analogues with good texture, flavor, color and without allergens.

Possible approaches

New technologies or processes that allow obtaining products with good quality of flavor, aroma and texture but without using wet extrusion technology

Solutions not of interest

Solutions that are out of the market due to cost. Solutions from ingredients that contain allergens.