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50. Design of new products based on statistical programmes / algorithms to develop new flavours and organoleptic characteristics.


Sensory analysis is a fundamental phase in the process of elaboration and development of food products. However, new technologies such as artificial intelligence or ¨deep learning¨ are allowing the development of amazing tools that can be useful in countless applications, such as the development of food products.

From Tech Transfer Agrifood we want to evolve the way we currently develop products. Our aim is to design products based on statistical programmes that allow us to create flavours and improve organoleptic and nutritional quality. The final objective is to have a database with the characterisation of numerous ingredients that will allow us to select them according to the attributes we are looking for in our product.

Possible approaches

Databases that include the characterisation of numerous ingredients and that allow them to be selected according to the desired characteristics of the final product in terms of organoleptic and nutritional parameters.

Solutions not of interest

We are not interested in algorithms such as Nutriscore or similar. We are interested in algorithms that take into account organoleptic parameters such as texture and taste.