Scouting call

We invest in
Proofs of Concept
and Round Seeds

Call open

57. New versatile beverage projects for social consumption that reflect current trends and generate unique experiences.


We are looking for innovative drinks that reflect current trends and that can be consumed on different consumption occasions.

Possible approaches

Drink types:

  • Fizzantes – Raised from the low ranking (4-7th). .
  • Reinvented Categories: Red, sangria, vermouth, mimosa or other reinvented classics, proposed from the low alcohol content (4-7º).
  • Natural/Functional Soft Drink: Created from the reinvention of the soft drink (healthier, functional, with a plus).
  • Energy
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Categories reinvented without
  • Probiotic Soft Drinks/Kombuchas
  • Powdered drinks
  • Mate drinks