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30.Detection/quantification of farm odours


At the Tech Transfer Agrifood Food, we are looking for measuring and/or warning systems of nitrate content derived from the air produced on farms and surrounding areas.

The objective of this challenge is the search for an objective test that includes sensors for bad odours coming from slurry and compatible with other measuring systems (odoriferous units), in order to make an odour map.

Focus: Environmental pollution, olfactometry.

Possible approaches

Solutions for the purification of interior/exterior air of farms.

Colorimetric sensors.

The following will be valued:

  • Easy collection and integration of data.
  • Easy scaling and low price.
  • User-friendly.
  • Integration of unpleasant odour retainers

Solutions not of interest

Currently, odoriferous units are already measured, and it is not a solution of interest.

Services offered by consultants or advisers will not be valued.