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21.Functional food developed from cereals and pulses


At the Tech Transfer Agrifood Fund, we are looking for products made from mixtures of various raw materials such as, for example, cereals, ancestral grains, germinated grains and pulses with proven activity on the health side. Innovative and new products with or without much presence in the market, and whose process is easy and simple to scale, will be valued. The products or raw materials used should be free from allergens (gluten, soy, etc.) and with capacity to bear a claim. The inclusion of functional ingredients will also be valued which, among other functions, help to strengthen the immune system.

Possible approaches

  • Novel batters.
  • Instant products.
  • Sprouted grain.
  • Sauces, vegetable pates, thickener (pregelatinized starch), drinks…

Solutions not of interest

Developments in baking and confectionery because we control this sector.