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20.Functionalization of vegetable flour rich in starches/starch


At the Tech Transfer Agrifood Fund, we are looking for innovative solutions focussed on the recovery of a pea flour with a content of 70% starch and 12% protein.

After a process of micromilling (micronization) and turboseparation the following is obtained:

a) a flour with a protein content of 55%

b) a flour with a protein content of 12% and 70% starch.

The challenge is focussed on searching for solutions that are capable of recovering this by-product (b). This flour should have similar applications to starches, only its starch content (70%) is less than commercial starches (>90% of starch).

Possible approaches

  • Optimum formulation of new products or of a combination of different protein bases to obtain nutritionally improved formulas.
  • Validation in sauces, vegetable pates, thickener (pregelatinized starch), drinks, baking and confectionery.
  • Application as a raw material in sub-processes.

Solutions not of interest

Isolated through chemical processes.