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16.Increase in the use life of snack products


Tech Transfer Agrifood seeks solutions that extend the use life of the product through:

  • Reduction of the oxidative process in the packaging.
  • Innovation in the processing.
  • New formulations capable of controlling the humidity content and oxidation of the finished product.

With this challenge, new cooking processes, packaging or innovations in ingredients are sought, which enable the use life of fresh and dry/dehydrated products to be increased.

The solutions submitted should have a degree of significant innovation, or not be published as yet.

Possible approaches

New uses of antioxidants or oxygen sensors

  • MAP.
  • Reduction of light induced oxidation (LED)
  • Limitation in the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids.

Increase in the use life and preserve the organoleptic properties of the products (control of modified and controlled atmospheres, incorporation of desiccants or oxygen sensors).

Solutions not of interest

Commonly known solutions will not be valued, e.g. the use of natural herbs and spices.

The solution should not alter the organoleptic properties.