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10.Recovery alternatives of Whey


At the Tech Transfer Agrifood Fund, we are seeking innovation through solutions focussed on using whey, as a by-product of the dairy industry. This challenge seeks cost effective solutions on a small scale (50 L).

Dairy by-products and vegetable drinks contain bioactive components whose revival means the reduction of generated waste, and its treatment increases the sustainability of the production processes and cost reduction. The effluents from cheese dairies such as wheys contain a high concentration of lactose and proteins, so it is not at all recommended that these are discharged in surface waters or drainage systems since this would cause an increase in BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) which turns them into pollutants.  Its recovery will enable the dairy industry to generate a sustainable model and thereby reduce landfill costs.

Possible approaches

This solution should be a system which is easy to implement in situ and economical – which thereby prevents the transport of goods.

Approaches of particular interest:

  • Functional products (probiotics)
  • Production of bioplastic.

Recovery towards new products or dairy products made from matrixes, of milk or vegetables – biomaterials 

Recovery with or without processing, or development of other new technological processes.

Solutions not of interest

Development capacities.

Integrated solutions will be valued.