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02. Innovation in food processing that may result in lower calorie intake while consuming nuts and snacks.


Nuts are a good source of healthful fats, fiber, and other beneficial nutrients.

But due to its high fat content and low water content, they provide a high amount of calories which often means a disincentive for consumers.

Cereal based savory snacks are basically potato, corn, wheat, rice flour based doughs, cooked by deep frying, which results in crispy and tasteful products

The oil content is usually 20 to 30% of the final weight. And the final moisture is low enough to make them stable at room temperature.

There are cooking technologies for cereal doughs or cereal grains not based in oil as heat conveyor (microwave, dry roasting, popping) but the resulting snacks are quite bland in taste and not yummy.

Tech Transfer Aagrifood looks for any new technologies in snack food processing able to reduce calory intake


Possible approaches

To avoid the use of oil as a heat exchange vehicle, but get the texture / flavor that oils provide.

Innovative solutions to “destroy” the calories in nuts while consuming (e.g. blocking gastrointestinal absorption or “fat burning effect”)


Solutions not of interest

Proposals suggesting adding fibre rich ingredients (they do decrease calories but may lead to relevant changes in texture)

Novel ingredients or novel foods, not approved in EU