Call 03

We invest in
Proofs of Concept
and Round Seeds

From May 30 to July 31, 2021

03. Alternative to methylcellulose


Tech Transfer Agrifood is looking for substitutes for methylcellulose with gelling, foaming and thickening action to be used in the food industry. Methylcellulose is a cellulose derivative that is normally obtained from algae and green plants. Thanks to its powerful gelling action, we can find it in numerous food products such as soy drinks, vegetable milks, yogurts, pastries, etc. In this challenge we are looking for 100% natural and ¨clean label¨ alternatives, that offer similar properties to methylcellulose, to replace it in analogous vegan products.

Possible approaches

Ingredients or solutions that have properties similar to methylcellulose in terms of gelling, thickening and emulsifying action.

Should not contain allergens


Solutions not of interest

Ingredients that provide a very different flavor or color to methylcellulose and that substantially change the food matrix of the product.

¨Novel Food¨ alternatives that require an authorization procedure.