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From May 30 to July 31, 2021

07. Solutions to facilitate the recycling of plastic materials


Food is usually packaged with multilayer materials that provide different barriers and functionalities of value during storage but that present great difficulty in the recycling process due to the heterogeneity of materials that make it up (eg PET / PE, PET / EVOH / PE, OPP / OPP, PET / met / PE, etc.) and by the different properties that each one of these presents (melting point, densities, etc.). From TTAF we support the search for solutions to the recyclability, compostability and reuse requirements set out by the European strategy that establishes (Directive 2018/852) a gradual increase in the corresponding rates and dictates by 2030 that all containers be reusable, recyclable or compostable.


Possible approaches

– Encourage delamination of multilayer packaging: delaminable adhesives and delamination processes for multilayer structures.

– Use of new plastic materials with fewer layers maintaining the properties of the container.


Solutions not of interest

Materials and processes that reduce the guarantees of conservation of current materials.

Shortened shelf life or increased exposure to contamination and growth of pathogenic microbes.

Loss of mechanical resistance.

Unsustainable cost increase.