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13. Cleaning facilities. Listeria.


TTAF is looking for solutions for cleaning industrial facilities and eliminating organic load and incrustations, as well as microorganisms, reducing or avoiding the use of chemical products.

Possible approaches

Today cleaning is carried out using acidic or basic chemicals with concentrations by weight of around 1-2% in water. The cleaning frequency depends on each installation, some can be cleaned after each use and others weekly. The cleaning flow also depends on the installation and equipment used.

It deals with the interior cleaning of the facilities (narrow and curved) such as boilers, tanks, pipes, etc.

Solutions for surfaces that will be in contact with consumer products. The facilities are made of stainless steel, the cleaning must mainly eliminate microbiological load and specifically ensure the eradication of any possible contamination by Listeria monocytogenes.

Solutions not of interest

Solutions that require products not approved for food environments.

Solutions for exterior installations where there is no contact with the products.