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18. Recovery By-products derived from beer production.


Beer is one of the most widely consumed and manufactured beverages in the world, so the search for alternatives that allow advances in the management of the circular economy in its production process has become a priority for many companies in the sector.

Much of the waste generated, such as bagasse or brewer’s yeast, has properties that are already useful for other sectors such as animal feed or the biofuel sector, that is why at Tech Transfer Agrifood we seek to identify new sustainable and profitable solutions for the management of other waste and by-products generated during the industrial production of beer, always taking into account sustainability and circular economy criteria.

Posibles aproximaciones

Solutions that allow the management and / or sustainable use of various by-products such as: sludge, diatoms, wastewater (nutrient recovery), etc.

Soluciones no interesantes

Conventional business methods that do not provide improvement in carbon, water or performance footprints of sustainable revaluation with improvement of environmental impact.