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19. Recognition / verification of items at the point of sale.


The enormous development that technologies associated with artificial intelligence and image recognition are experiencing are giving rise to amazing new tools and applications in recent years. New techniques such as Deep Learning have generated more precise systems than the human eye itself, being of great help for many companies when it comes to performing tasks related to the classification and detection of images.

From Tech Transfer Agrifood we look for image recognition and verification applications that allow the identification of fixed and mobile elements at the different points of sale of the company’s products. Tools that allow, for example, to be able to quickly and efficiently identify advertising at the point of sale, decorative elements in the hospitality industry, the assortment of products on a supermarket shelf, product prices, etc.

Possible approaches

Apps that allow you to view and identify quickly and easily: – The rotations of the different products in linear – Analyze consumption preferences based on turnover – Replacement needs on the shelf

Solutions not of interest

Solutions based on vision cameras.