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20. Drinks with new alternatives in cereals and other superfoods.


Ingredients such as barley or wheat are especially important in the brewing process, cereals that after the germination process give rise to malt, essential for the production of beer or other fermented beverages. In this challenge, we seek new alternatives to these classic ingredients for the production of beers or other fermented beverages that provide new characteristics to the product in relation to the naturalness and sustainability of the production process, as well as elements that provide different functionalities related to health and well-being. Consumer.

Possible approaches

Fermented drinks with better nutritional values ​​than those made from classic ingredients (for example, containing a low amount of calories, low in carbohydrates, etc.).

That provide new flavors for the consumer.

Drinks suitable for different types of consumer, for example gluten-free, suitable for a paleo diet, etc.

Drinks that have potential functionalities compatible with alcoholic content.

Solutions not of interest

Ingredients not allowed in the European beverage regulation.

Ingredients with little or no guarantee of supply.

Ingredients with out-of-market costs.