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27. Plant based – fish and shellfish analogs.


Consumers’ interest in plant-based fish and shellfish is growing as part of changes in eating habits. Aspects such as sustainability and environmental impact take on greater importance and companies are faced with the challenge of offering analogous fish and shellfish options that can compete in quality, texture and taste with foods of animal origin. That is why at Tech

Transfer Agrifood we seek to develop fish and seafood analogues through wet extrusion technology from raw materials that do not contain allergens. One of the biggest challenges is getting the correct texture, smell, and flavor for products to match their animal analogues. In addition, an additional objective is to obtain resulting products that can be qualified as “clean label” and with the fewest possible ingredients.

Possible approaches

Fish and shellfish analogues ¨plant based¨ using wet extrusion technology with correct organoleptic properties and similar to products of animal origin. If it is not possible to obtain these products by wet extrusion, we accept the use of other equivalent or simpler technologies.

Solutions not of interest

We have no interest in products made from a dough like nuggets.