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30. Functional ingredients produced via precision fermentation.


Precision fermentation is known as all the processes that allow us to program microorganisms to produce almost any type of complex organic molecule.

This process is already being used routinely in the food industry to produce proteins, vitamins, lipids, etc. and the resulting ingredients have additional advantages, since they are produced with constant quality, there is no volatility in prices and supply is guaranteed. Some analysts have even dared to speculate that this technology could radically change the world of traditional agriculture in just a few decades, and even make it obsolete since this feeding model allows us to obtain food in abundance using only a small part of the surface.

From tech Tranfer Agrifood we open this challenge to look for ingredients that have been produced using this technology and that also provide functionality to the consumer

Possible approaches

Ingredients obtained from precision fermentation that provide functionality for the consumer, such as low calorie content, high protein content, rich in vitamins and minerals, etc.

Solutions not of interest

Ingredients not authorized or that require an authorization procedure

Ingredients that contain allergens.