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36. Determination of the enviromental footprint in an industrial process


At the Tech Transfer Agrifood Fund, we are looking for global tools capable of implementing a system of prediction and improvement in the carbon footprint and water footprint within the industrial process.

It is fundamental that the solution offered recognises the CDP ranking criteria to implement actions aligned with this criteria and to improve the impact on the industrial process.

Focus: SDO objectives and climate crisis.

Possible approaches

Solutions are sought which offer:

  • Determination of the impact of the brand and value chain on the environment.
  • Study and quantification of the carbon footprint and water footprint from farms to the transformation and marketing of the product.

User-friendly solutions that are adapted to problems of the meat and flour industry will be valued.

Comprehensive solutions will be valued (e.g. SAP Module) focussed on the environment

Solutions not of interest

It should be an integrated and autonomous solution.

Advisory and consultancy services will not be valued.