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01. Increase shelf life of cereal snacks and nuts by innovative ways of processing, ingredients, additives or any packaging solution.


The most common way of cereal snacks and nuts processing is by oil roasting or dry roasting. In both cases the cooking temperatures are high.
This makes the natural unsaturated fatty acids contained in nuts & cereals and the frying oil to become prone to oxidization during shelf life.
Tech Transfer Agrifood is searching for new cooking processes, packaging or innovations, wich allow to prevent the degradation of nuts and snacks and increase their shelf life

Possible approaches

Lower temperature or different processes that may result in “fresh like” oil free fatty acid chains.

Oils substitutes that could be used as frying agent with no chemical oxidation processes related.
Natural antioxidants available that keep stable during the heating process.
New solution to be added to the packaging material that may have an impact in the stability of the contained food

Any additives or processing solution to improve the sealing properties of foils.

Solutions not of interest

High barrier foil alternatives (PP, PET & PE)

Commercial Iron based oxygen scavenger sachets.

Antioxidants (ex. rosemary extract) that do prevent oxidation of crude oil but which protecting effect is lost when the oil reaches high temperatures.

Novel ingredients or novel foods, not approved in EU