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14. Rapid methods of determination of Listeria.


From the Tech Transfer Agrifood Fund we seek innovation in the detection of Listeria monocytogenes or other microbiological indicators that can be related to its possible presence, in processing lines.

Possible approaches

  • Test valid for the maximum types of LISTERIA (mainly monocytogenes).
  • Detection on surface or on food: rapid detection kit (lab-on-chip) or easy adaptation / versatility to test different pathogens.
  • Strain serotyping.
  • High sensitivity and specificity.
  • Accepted by the legislation in the target markets (Europe and USA).
  • On-line and continuous method.
  • Low cost will also be valued.

Solutions not of interest

Detection solutions that require times longer than 4 hours (including sample treatment). Conventional methods (Plaque culture / PCR…).